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Agrotec Management

Master Of The Job

AGROTEC MAKİNE SAN. TİC. A.S. It was founded by Mehmet Esat ŞEN in 2020. So, we operate for developing Turkey agriculture technology. We have the machinery, spare parts, hardware, equipment and expert team required for this purpose.

We are feed of the foremost needs of the livestock sector, packing and stacking, which makes professional, world-preferred GOWEIL GMBH distributor in Turkey. However, we supplying spare parts and special-serving technical services available to other professional agricultural machinery in Turkey.
If you prefer the GOWEIL products providing the most appropriate machine configuration to Turkey, we provide consulting to choose the correct product. We coordinate the necessary finance, customs, document procurement and shipping deadline for the product we have chosen, for your machine to reach you safely and quickly. We provide 24/7 service to ensure that your machine operates safely and continuously, just like during sales. We know that every minute of the season counts for all harvesters. Because, we know that every minute in the harvest season is valuable.

We supply agricultural machinery and spare parts that will be needed in the future as Turkish products.

To announce the name of our country and our company in national and universal advanced agricultural technologies.

To ensure customer satisfaction in our target audience by producing our products with high quality and technology at the right time in line with the needs and expectations of our customers.

To achieve a continuous and controlled growth regarding incomes and profitability by meeting the expectations of our customers with our timely and high quality technical service.

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